1. 5 Common Tax Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

    Tax season can be a frantic time for any startup. If you maintain accurate records, managing your business's tax profile should be a year-long process. Keeping up to date in real-time makes the effort come tax season exponentially easier. Here are 5 Common Tax Mistakes that Startups Make, and How to…Read More

  2. Employee Retention Credit: How Does Your Business Qualify?

    Did you know that in 2021 there are bigger and better tax incentives for small businesses affected by COVID-related shutdowns and disruptions? Similar to last year, the Employee Retention Credit is still a benefit that many businesses qualify for. With tax season quickly approaching, it is important…Read More

  3. Is IRS Compliance Adding Stress To Your Small Business?

    Is IRS Compliance Adding Stress to Your Small Business?

    Small businesses are vital to the American economy. Despite how vital they are, it is not always easy for small businesses when it comes to tax compliance. According to IRS research, tax compliance burden increase with the size of business, however, it is far easier for large corporations to handle …Read More