Whether the tax documents are stacking up in the corner or your CFO quit out of the blue, there’s no denying that having good financial guidance can make or break a business. No matter what your need, our contract controller services offer the financial support your company deserves with the flexibility to meet your circumstances. Whether you’re looking for in-depth financial updates or assistance for special projects — and anything in between — let one of the Limitless Investment & Capital team step in and provide the financial knowledge and guidance to help fill your company’s financial needs.


Interim CFO Services

If your current CFO is out for an extended period of time dealing with an illness, or perhaps on maternity leave, that gap in guidance can leave your company’s finances in the lurch. We offer interim CFO services to cover that gap. We can take over financial responsibilities including providing financial analysis and consulting, accurate financial statements, and more. The goal is to provide seamless help until your usual CFO returns or you can hire a full-time replacement.


Special Projects CFO Help

If your company is handling multiple projects at once, or would like to add more to the docket, bringing in specialized financial assistance and guidance can help those projects go smoothly — and give your accounting team the time necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Our Special Projects CFO can step in to help with analysis and proposing corrective actions, as well as any other projects needed.


Virtual CFO Services

Depending on the size and financial complexity of your business, your company may not need a full-time CFO. Our virtual CFO services can help you sort out your finances in order to understand cash flow and grow your business. With options to work anywhere from 5 hours a week up to 36 hours a week, we provide the flexibility to fit your needs.

Learn more about our CFO services for your Denver business. Contact Limitless Investment & Capital to schedule a consultation today.