Mergers & Acquisitions

From the initial thought of buying or selling to the critical post-closing and integration activities that must take place, our extensive approach will provide you with extraordinary quality and service. Limitless Investment & Capital has been involved in a number of merger and acquisition-related transactions, including assistance to clients who are in the process of buying or selling their business or professional practice.

The proper planning and implementation of the entire Merger & Acquisition (M&A) process is crucial. It can only be assured with specialized tax and legal support. As Certified Public Accountants, we have significant expertise in complex tax structuring and planning.

Business Acquisition and Selling

We draw on our wealth of experience working with owners and managers of closely held businesses and practicing professionals, together with our specialized training in valuation science to ensure every assignment gets the proper attention and resources needed to develop coherent strategies, delivered on a timely basis and at a competitive cost. Areas of emphasis for our practice include:

  • Exit planning for closely held businesses
  • Strategic value benchmarking for enterprise value enhancement
  • Positioning and brokerage of closely held business opportunities
  • EBITDA transaction analysis and consultation
  • Industry and economic trend analyses
  • Confidential sales memoranda and business opportunity informational package preparation
  • Deal valuation and negotiation
  • Complex deal and tax structuring
  • Wealth preservation strategies