When building a business, having a strong set of core values that entitle the beliefs of the company and make the business flow as it should. Being able to keep a set of strong beliefs and actions that allow your business to perform well and be a structured business.  

Set Reasonable Expectations 

Setting expectations for yourself and/or a business is a given, but a common mistake made by small business owners is they set early expectations that are far more than that they could handle. Setting expectations at a reasonable and gettable level, it leads to more success as a business. 


Separating Personal & Business Accounts

Another common mistake with small businesses and start ups is having joint accounts allowing both personal and business finances intertwined which creates confusion when finances are going in and out so quickly with small businesses. Separating those accounts allows the business to have its own account with its own finances, making it much easier to cover finances on their own account. 

Track Every Expense & Asset In and Out

With small businesses that don’t succeed they always have one falling point when they fail. Finances. Knowing anything and everything about your finances allows you to know when something is wrong. Knowing where every expense goes and any assets going in makes sure nothing can go wrong on the finance side of things. 


Updating Bookkeeping Equipment/Books

Bookkeeping is one of the most important parts of a hard working business. Allowing you bookkeepers to have access to the newest technology that allows them to accurately do their job, while making their life a lot easier. 


Being Consistent with New Goals/Values

Having new goals for a business is always a great plan for a small business but if the plans are tossed aside a few months it’s no good. Staying consistent with the new plans you have in place allows the workers to all be on the same page. Consistency is key.

The Bottom Line

Having goals and values in a small business is the core of it, but having the correct small tips and tricks to getting a few things to go your way could make all the difference. 

Limitless Investment & Capital Can Help With Startup Accounting

Some startups are small enough for DIY accounting, however, startups looking to grow and eventually raise capital down the line should consider a team of outsourced startup accountants that specializes in understanding startups. Contact the Limitless team today to connect with a startup CPA.