1. CFO

    7 Projects a Part-Time CFO Can Help With

    How do I know that my business will benefit from hiring a Part-Time CFO? When looking for a part-time CFO to join your business’s team, it is essential to consider your business’s current goals. Unlike other accounting roles, a CFO’s role can be flexible and adapt to the changing needs or goal…Read More

  2. Could Your Business Benefit From a Part-Time CFO Service

    Could Your Small Business Benefit From a Part-Time CFO Service?

    For many small business owners, the majority of their focus remains on one thing--growing their business. Although this is an important aspect of any business, there are many other characteristics that blend together to make the enterprise a success. Whether your business is big or small, one featur…Read More

  3. part-time CFOs

    Interim CFO vs. Part-Time CFO for Small Businesses

    Part-time CFOs are helping take small businesses to the next level. If you run a startup or a small- to mid-size company, you probably can’t justify hiring a full-time chief financial officer. But, you do need some level of financial help from an expert, someone who can cast a trained eye on your …Read More

  4. Consider a Part-Time CFO in 2021

    Consider Part-Time CFO Services in 2021

    Has the thought of a part-time CFO ever crossed your mind? A Part-Time CFO Services  in Gilbert, Arizona can help even the smallest companies strategize on capital requirements to fund an acquisition or some other form of growth initiative or to help a fast-growing company decide whether it might b…Read More

  5. Signs Your Business Is Ready To Hire a Part-Time CFO

    Signs Your Business Is Ready To Hire a Part-Time CFO

    When your business is in its infancy, hiring a CFO may seem unnecessary and expensive, However, at some point, it will be necessary to bring a CFO on board, either full time or on a part-time consulting basis. Why? Part-time CFOs have the kind of expertise that reaches beyond what your bookkeeper an…Read More

  6. Hire a Part-Time CFO to Move Your Startup Foward

    Hire a Part-Time CFO to Move Your Startup Forward

    A part-time CFO is not just an accounting professional that will organize your finances. A part-time CFO can help build your business’s financial structure which will allow your business to grow and move from a start-up to a more established company. A part-time CFO is broadly accountable for the …Read More

  7. How Can Working Capital Benefit Your Small Business

    How Can Working Capital Benefit Your Small Business

    Working capital is defined as current assets minus current liabilities. For example, if a company has current assets of $90,000 and its current liabilities are $80,000, the company has working capital of $10,000. Regardless of a company’s size or industry sector, working capital is an important me…Read More

  8. Should Your Small Business Hire a Contract Controller or CFO?

    Should Your Small Business Hire a Contract Controller or CFO?

    Many people use Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) and Controller interchangeably because they think it is the same position. It is quite possible that you've seen other businesses with CFOs and controllers who have the exact same responsibilities, but this can make things confusing. So, what is th…Read More

  9. 4 Areas of Your Small Business A Part-Time CFO can Assist

    As businesses expand and become more dynamic, the need for a senior-level financial expert such as a part-time CFO becomes critical. Companies are faced with more complex financial decisions and can benefit from a part-time CFO’s expertise to help them navigate the path to achieving their strategi…Read More