Online Payroll Services: Save Headaches & Time

Online payroll services can help support your growing business.  It’s not always easy to keep up with day-to-day tasks such as payroll, and sometimes outsourcing is the smart move. Online payroll services can save your small business time and a lot of unnecessary headaches. 

According to a recent survey by Actionable Research, nearly 75 percent of CPAs who serve small businesses felt that their clients “do not have the necessary expertise to handle the demands of payroll processing.” In addition, 68 percent suggested their clients’ time would be better spent working on the number of other strategic demands of their businesses.

Hiring in-house human resources professional or team of professionals may seem like a viable strategy to keep your employees informed and paid on time, but consider the extra costs associated with bringing on more full-time employees. An in-house HR team will require office space, computers, payroll software, a representative annual salary, vacation time, sick days and health benefits; multiply this cost by the number of professionals you hire.

10 Reasons Online Payroll Services Will Benefit Your Small Business

#1. Free Up Your Resources

We’ve all heard the saying that time is money, but it especially holds true for business owners who are being pulled in 20 different directions. Spending valuable time tracking hours and explaining the details of your employees’ healthcare benefits is something that requires considerable commitment and time. If you calculate the number of weekly hours you spend on payroll and payroll problems, you may realize you are spending a considerable amount of time on something that could easily be done by outsourced payroll services. The choice to outsource payroll allows companies to spend their time being more productive and profitable.

#2. Reducing Operating Costs

Small business owners need to think like larger enterprises and leverage outsourcing. Hiring new or additional personnel and providing them with needed training can be expensive. And if your payroll department does not effectively comply with governmental laws, rules, and regulations, it could make mistakes that result in fines and penalties. Outsourced payroll service, on the other hand, has a staff of professionals who are trained in all aspects of the law, which ensures total compliance.

#3. Payroll Compliance

The rules and regulations that govern employee payroll are constantly changing. Mistakes can lead to audits and penalties which no small business wants or needs. As noted by, “The IRS estimates that over 40 percent of small businesses in the United States pay penalties of over $800 per year … the result of late or incorrect filing and payments.” Small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to stay on top of these changing regulations. Professional outsourced payroll services, on the other hand, must stay current with rules, regulations, and changes in tax rates.

#4. Money Saved

Time saved is money saved. Think of the time required for each of the following:

  • Calculating payroll each time period
  • Printing, signing, and distributing paychecks or pay stubs
  • Generating reports for in-house and accountant use
  • Preparing and remitting payroll taxes and returns to government agencies
  • When evaluated on a per-payroll-period or a monthly basis, a time/cost analysis may well indicate the benefits of an affordable outsourced payroll provider.

#5. Enhanced Security

Payroll processing is a complex and potentially risky business operation. Even with trusted employees, there is always a risk of identity theft, embezzlement, or tampering with company records for personal gain. There’s also a risk from using payroll software from companies that aren’t well established and may be out of business or bought by another company in a few years. How safe and secure is payroll data on the company’s server or network? This nagging question can consume a business owner’s energy and attention as well.

Online payroll services can offer a “safe haven” for your confidential payroll data. In addition to redundant backup and multiple server locations, a quality payroll provider invests in state-of-the-art systems for storing and protecting data, simply because it’s part of the service provided to clients.

#6. Direct Deposit

Anyone who has ever been paid while on vacation can attest to the convenience that direct deposit offers. Direct deposit allows your employees to access their paychecks without ever leaving their home and generally limits the chance for an error or any fraudulent activity. It can be difficult for small businesses that don’t outsource their payroll to offer direct deposit.

#7. Updated Technology

Not many companies, large or small,  have the latest tax tables and payroll software. When you choose to use outsource payroll services they will always have the latest and greatest technology available to them. This saves you the recurring cost of having to keep up with constant updates.

#8. Peace of Mind

You can’t overestimate the value of mental comfort. Working with online payroll services will make your job simpler, free up more time for your employees and eliminate all of the headaches that are commonly associated with payroll. Being able to focus on your growing business and doing the things that are most important to you is priceless. Joining forces with a professional payroll company to outsource payroll and benefits puts business owners in the best position to succeed by saving them time, money and frustration.

Final Thoughts

Payroll is a heavy load of necessity that does not directly contribute to your organization’s core business of serving its customers. Outsourced payroll services can be of great benefit to your business, allowing you to spend more time focusing on other important areas of business that might otherwise remain neglected. At the same time, you’ll be able to benefit from increased accuracy of payroll calculations.

Limitless Investment & Capital Online Payroll Services for Small Businesses

It takes a lot of work to make your small business successful. Limitless Investment & Capital is happy to remove any of your administrative burdens to make your life easier. Our outsourced payroll professionals can manage your time-consuming payroll processing and payroll tax filing so you can focus on value-added and revenue-generating activities. Reduce in-house staffing needs and time spent on tedious tasks. Contact US today to get started!